Friends of Peel Park, Salford, M5

Welcome to our three page website. We are using this both to provide news but particulalry to hold permanent information that you might find interesting about us and Peel Park, David Lewis Playing Fields and The Meadow. But for day-to-day information we suggest you use our Facebook page that is constantly being updated. Just click here and it will take you there.


We are a local community group made of people who want to see this once beautiful park, sparkle again. Many of us live or have lived close to the park and we all have fond memories of what it was like. Others want to see to see it thronging with people and lots of things going on, not only in the park but on The Meadow and David Lewis Playing Fields.

Join us and become a member


and have your say in what the future of the park should be. How can it be improved? What do you think should happen to get people back into the park and on The Meadow and David Lewis Playing Fields. You can be as active a member as you want to be. We won't pester you, much.

If want to chat please ring: Rev. Andy Salmon on 07990585037 or Roger Baldry on 07917043307

The History of Peel Park



Peel Park, hidden away behind trees and shrubs, over-shadowed by the buildings of Salford University, is a ‘hidden gem’ known only to the few local regular users. Set out in 1847, paid for by public subscription and one of three of the world’s first municipal parks declared on the same day, Peel Park has seen many changes and it’s gem-like lustre has faded over the years.


The fully constituted Friends of Peel Park is made up of local people who want to see the Park shine again. We have consistently attracted new members but want to get stronger and stronger. The Park deserves the very best of attention and the more of us there are the greater that will be.




HLF Success The Future

After a lot of work over past years, by the Friends and the staff of Salford City Council and its various consultants, the Heritage Lottery Fund announced in June 2015 that the application for a Parks for People Grant was successful. HLF awarded the Council £1.6 million with an additional £0.9 million added from various grants and pots of money that the Council has managed to bring together to make the park “sparkle” once again.


The renovation works are programmed to start on 22 August, 2016 (the 22 August being the park’s original opening date 170 years ago) and be finished in March 2017. Although the site will be fenced off you will be able to watch the work progress.


We have learnt a great deal over our time together as Friends but there is still so much to do.