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Friends of Peel Park, Salford, M5

Who are the Friends of Peel Park?

"We are probably one of the warmest groups of people you could hope to meet and we are very enthusiastic about what happens to Peel Park, The Meadow and David Lewis Playing Fields".


It's a while now since the opening paragraph was written and not that much has changed in who or what we are, in fact it has probably got better, I think we have become even more friendly. We have certainly attracted new members and our Facebook page has a healthy number of followers.


After a few years of cajoling and planning, and then planning and cajoling we are very close to the main restoration work starting. As to the work done to date, it has generally received a good response but as Bob Dylan sang, quoting President Lincoln, who adapted a quote of a poet John Lydgate, “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” By the end of the work, we hope there will be something for everyone in the park that makes them want to revisit time after time.


We also taken a good look at ourselves. We have re-jigged how we look because we feel we have become too focused on just the impending work around the park and not how we were going to organise ourselves for the future. As well as having a steering group, we are in the process of having Community Archive, Entertainments, Biodiversity and Growing groups. The Community Archive group is up and running and collecting material and carrying out interviews with local people about their reminiscences of Peel Park. We have a number of people who have expressed an interest in setting up the Biodiversity and Growing groups and we will start talking to people about Entertainments in the near future. They are open to anyone, in fact we want you to join, we would love to see you.


To get a full picture about the history and future plans for the park you can read the details in the supporting documents that have been produced to date; you'll find them on the next page. The Council and consultants working on the bid have mainly produced them. We hope to add to these as new documents arrive.


Peel Park has been called a ‘hidden gem’, please join us and help us make sure it won’t be ‘hidden’ for much longer.



Rev. Andy Salmon, Chair of Friends of Peel Park

Roger Baldry, Secretary of Friends of Peel Park




To view documents that may be of interest please go to the next page.


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What Interests Us

We are a mixed bunch with many interests, skills and experiences but we are short of some of the skills needed to make sure that the park works well in the near and far future. If you have those skills or would like to learn them and would like to help out please contact us, see details at the foot of this page.

The area in which the Park is situated is of major historical importance. There is so much more for us to learn and would like to talk to people who know about this.


We would like to see lots of events taking place in these green spaces such as concerts, plays, recitals, outddoor recitals, children's play days and Fright Nights at Hallowen.



The park and The Meadow are full of different and interesting plants and wildlife. We would like to see as biodiverse spaces as possible linked to local projects.

Plants, widlife, biodiversity

The play facilites in the park are poor and in bad condition. We would like to talk to young people young and old about how the park might be improved so that they want to use it.


Volunteering is fun, a great way to meet different people and to learn new things. We aim to have a range of volunteering experiences that you might want to join in with.


The Future of Peel Park

What Next?

With a start date of 22 August, the improvement works will continue until the Spring of 2017. Over the Autumn and Winter months will will work with the Parkkeepers, yes we have a "Parkie", on planning various events in the lead up to the opening. In the meantime, there is a closing event taking place, a family day, on 13 August, just before the work starts.


Whilst all this is going on our various groups will be training to take on an active role in all the activities that will will it a "shining gem" of a park.


If you would like to be part of this we would also like to meet you. We are on a roll so please come and join us.


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Contact us

We meet every month and anyone is welcome to the meeting. If you would like to come along we normally meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30 pm at The Broughton Trust, The Humphrey Booth Centre, Heath Avenue, Salford M7 1NY (please check our Facebook page) or just want to chat please ring:

Rev. Andy Salmon on 07990585037 or

Roger Baldry on 07917043307


via our Facebook page, click here


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